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Data Scientist (Multiple Openings)

We are seeking to fill an applied data sciences position. The selected candidate is expected to join a talented team of diverse backgrounds. This team’s main charter is to build business solutions end to end or through collaboration with vendors and partners to provide best in class solutions driven by deep analytics technologies. Essential Responsibilities Candidates for this position are expected to have a Ph.D. or Master level degree. The person will be responsible for building state-of-the-art advanced analytics models while utilizing massive structured and unstructured information for several applied areas, including user interaction, usage pattern, feature recommendations customer segmentation, attribution modeling, feature optimizations, marketing campaign design, product recommendations, personalization, demand forecasting, predictive analytics modeling to capture customer requirements. This position offers a unique opportunity to make strong impact by mining customer information while optimizing the costs. This is an opportunity for the right candidate to be part of a strong interdisciplinary analytics core team with strong skills in large scale optimization, statistics, computer science, and marketing science.

Candidate should have keen interest in innovative methodological research with applications to build a high impact and client centric digital products and software applications. Applicant should be interested in and committed to solving real business problems, and should have demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with team members across geographical boundaries, with academic partners and customers, and should possess strong algorithmic software development skills.

Traits we are looking for:

  • A+ Player – open-minded, creative, and self-critical, collaborative and communicative while being considerate and kind.
  • Natural Collaborator – able to collaborate and build consensus with the immediate team members all the way to people that are across the globe and not part of the immediate team.
  • Natural Leader – able to guide, mentor others through collaboration with the immediate team, stakeholders, client and executives.
  • High Energy Smart Worker – who thrive and able to lead in a fast pace agile/extreme development environment which demands close contact, high velocity, and continues collaboration and interactions.
  • Focused – able to immersed in one project at a time while seeing and considering the big picture.
  • Decision Maker – can make decisions frequently yet decisively that would lead to release real product delivery.
  • Empowered – feel confident and open minded to make the decision for product direction, functionality and design.
  • Perpetual Learner – live to learn and creates environment that encourages learning and growing to support and motivate achievements.
  • Team Player – plays and acting as a contributing member of the community.
  • Meticulous – really cares about the usability and practicality of the design and don't cut corners even in continues delivery environment.
  • Omi-Skilled – possess different yet relevant skillsets and willing to learn, collaborate and teach on continues bases.

Desired Skills & Experience:

  • A Master or PhD in Computer Science, Statistics, Marketing Science or Econometrics or related disciplines.
  • The candidate should be familiar and experienced with advanced statistical methods, including but not limited to: Bayesian statistical methods, time series analysis, high-dimensional inference, statistical learning, and semiparametric regression. Strong background and skills in empirical work
  • Graduate level course work in data mining and machine learning.
  • Experiences with commercial and open source statistics packages (like R/S/Splus, SAS etc) and data mining softwares.
  • Excellent background in design and development of complex algorithmic software prototypes.


  • This role may require up to 80% Domestic or International Travel

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