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Software Engineer (Multiple Openings)

Our Software Engineer  are the best in the industry. We adhere to the principals of the Extreme Programing and pair program, all day, every day, as the result we consistently deliver amazing results. We are not only practice but we  teach our practice and methodologies to our clients and partners.  We base our practice on a methodical, steady, relentless forward momentum that drives consistent results.


We adhere to the principals of the Extreme Programing and pair program, all day, every day. We base our practice on a methodical, steady, relentless forward momentum that drives consistent results. We are not only practice but we teach our methodologies to our clients and partners. As the result we help our clients to succeed, and remain successful beyond our engagement.

We empower you to grow and get better at what you already do well. Our regular retrospectives are amid to create perpetual discovery and improvement culture. We figure out what we are doing right so we can improve on it and what we are doing wrong so we can fix it.

We work hard and play hard! We believe in working at a sustainable yet productive pace – We are actively collaborate, deign and code for 8 hours each day, but then we are off work to relax, play, socialize, recharge and refocus.


Traits we are looking for:

  • A+ Player  – open-minded, creative, and self-critical, collaborative and communicative while being considerate and kind.
  • Natural Collaborator  – able to collaborate and build consensus with the immediate team members all the way to people that are across the globe and not part of the immediate team.
  • Natural Leader  – able to guide, mentor others through collaboration with the immediate team, stakeholders, client and executives.
  • High Energy Smart Worker  – who thrive and able to lead in a fast pace agile/extreme development environment which demands close contact, high velocity, and continues collaboration and interactions.
  • Focused  – able to immersed in one project at a time while seeing and considering the big picture.
  • Decision Maker  – can make decisions frequently yet decisively that would lead to release real product delivery.
  • Empowered  – feel confident and open minded to make the decision for product direction, functionality and design.
  • Perpetual Learner  – live to learn and creates environment that encourages learning and growing to support and motivate achievements.
  • Team Player  – plays and acting as a contributing member of the community.
  • Meticulous  – really cares about the usability and practicality of the design and don't cut corners even in continues delivery environment.
  • Omi-Skilled  – possess different yet relevant skillsets and willing to learn, collaborate and teach on continues bases.



  • Hands-on coding in a fast pace and dynamic environment
  • Lead and strive in a pair-programming and Test Driven Development environment
  • Lead product development lifecycle from discovery and framework through iterative development and delivery
  • Work closely and collaboratively with Product Managers, Designers, Software Engineers  and the rest of the extended team
  • Assist product managers to assess and prioritize functionalities, deliverables, opportunities and constraints
  • Champion industry best practices and lead others while considering, enhancing and expanding our in-house best practices.
  • Produce supporting materials and code and software design documentations
  • Provide training, mentorship and guidance to other team members, partners or clients.


Desired Skills & Experience:

  • 5+ years of Software Development
  • 2+ years of Software Architecture
  • 2+ years experience with agile and/or lean philosophy, methods and tools
  • Exceptional knowledge of OO Design Principles
  • Strong hands-on working knowledge of Ruby, Python, Golang, .NET and/or Java programming languages
  • Experience in web front-end development like JavaScript, client-side MVC frameworks is a plus
  • Experience in mobile development (iOS, Android, or Xamarin) is a plus
  • Interest and participating in a pair-programming environment is a must
  • Experience deploying to cloud environments is a plus
  • Experience deploying micro-services is a plus
  • Strong working knowledge of Rails and/or Spring frameworks
  • Strong analytical, interpersonal and communication skills
  • Experience with development and delivery of full-service consumer and business applications
  • Committed to lifelong learning
  • Comfortable and experienced both working in high demand team and being individual contributor working independently with clients or stakeholders if needed
  • Strong leadership and the ability to mentor and teach others
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in design-related discipline (preferred, but not required



  • This role may require up to 80% Domestic or International Travel


Eaurac & Company  is a global Enterprise Solution & System Development, and Business Intelligence consulting firm. We counsel, provide and develop state-of-art solutions for our clients on their key Enterprise IT and Business Intelligence needs. We achieve this by leveraging our experience, expertise, and deep industry expertise. Using our procedural and analytical rigor we help businesses make informed decisions more quickly and solve their toughest and most critical business problems.

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