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  • Digital Transformation Journey

    Customer at the center of the organization’s universe -

    The core of the organization’s activities must be directly correlated to providing value to the customers, whether directly or indirectly. A true Digital Native Enterprise is in-tune with its clients’ needs through the deep connection they make with the customer in order to continuously collect feedbacks, behavioral patterns, and performance of the products and services. This feedback must be viewed as the lifeline of organization’s innovation roadmap. The bottom-line is that organizations need to “invent with their customers” rather than “invent for them”.

    Act Like a Startup

    Technology Driven Startups’ nimble and prototype driven mode of operation empowers the employees to think outside of the box, develop, and test and possibly fail-often. Yet, there is fertile ground for ground breaking innovation and possibly becoming the next disruptor. In order to achieve that goal, larger enterprises need to remove the operational barriers and unnecessary bureaucracies and heavily streamline and automate.

    Accelerate Collaboration

    The success of large scale organizations depends on aligning multiple stakeholders who are spread across an array of projects, teams, and departments which are most likely geographically dispersed. Effective organizational collaboration is the key to successful planning and execution of Digital Transformation. Adopt the collaboration best practices and technologies. Invest in the digital tools and implement the framework and infrastructure that could support high degree of collaboration within and outside of your organization.

    Empower The People

    Due to their skills and expert knowledge, organization’s human capital is one the most valuable assets and should be valued and utilized accordingly. Trust their expertise and empower them to try often and fail often, take responsibility and make decisions. While cultivating the culture that the organization learns from potential mistakes and self-correct itself. The empowerment to encourage new ideas and act upon it or make a decision gives the most talented staff sense of worth and ownership and ultimately cultivates a culture of innovation.

    Aim for Agility, Speed & Scale

    At the beginning of the journey organizations need to define their own digital transformation story and the roadmap to guides them throughout the journey. It is advisable that the following steps be followed

    • Understand the current state of organization
    • Create and map the organizational strategy
    • Identify key products as the initial pilot
    • Understand and define the required capabilities
    • Build talent and the organization’s digital factory (DevOps)
    • Adopt systematic Data Analytics
    • Transform into a Digital Native Enterprise
    • Scale up the practice & digital factory
    • Balance Agility & Speed with Quality

    In order to successfully balance speed of delivery with the quality of products, the organizations need to master the concept of Continuous “Development”, “Testing”, “Integration” and “deployment”. In Digital Native organization the traditional mode of operation with long cycles for product rollouts and updates are replaced by continuous and incremental deployments. This enables the companies to introduce incremental and focused updates to the production environment, perform minor rollbacks of faulty updates instead of extensive shutdowns, and have a much faster Mean Time To Recover (MTTR) in case of major disruptions.

    Bring your ideas to market and be the first to capitalize on emerging trends and technologies with Digital Enterprise business transformation services. By combining management consulting with IT know-how, we can help your drive successful digital transformation and get more value from your investments.

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