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Data Science

Big Data, Analytics & Machine Learning

Marketplace disruptors have one thing in common: mastering the data science.  The volume and availability of data is skyrocketing, and so are the expectations that it will yield analytical insights for improved business decision making. The challenge for businesses is how to capitalize on big data and shift innovation into high gear when budgets are tight and consumed by operational maintenance.

The business intelligence is the foundation for creating actionable insights, impacting future organizational strategies. It is business intelligence at its best, looking forward, and enabling your team to ask better questions and predict the future. It is optimizing and fine-tuning an organization’s decision-making and performance through increased automation of business processes, functions, adaptive customer services and business assets.

Digital Enterprise Data scientists are tasked with assisting you to turn massive customer experiences, application and overall organizational performance raw data into meaningful intelligence by utilizing state of the art analytics tools & techniques - such as machine learning, Big Data, advanced visualization, predictive algorithms and more. Our Data experts and data scientists provide a comprehensive set of BI consulting and Data Warehousing capabilities to meet this challenge by simultaneously reducing costs and driving innovation, while distilling quick business value from big data.

Digital Enterprise - Data Science Analytics


Our BI & Data Analytics Services portfolio ranges from advisory services through to support, in six essential areas:
  • Big Data
  • Machine Learning
  • Digital Product Performance
  • Enterprise Information Management
  • Business Intelligence Advanced Analytics
  • Corporate Performance Management

We combine our core expertise and capabilities in each of these areas with deep experience in industry verticals to provide powerful business solutions. These solutions are designed to meet three strategic objectives—transformation, innovation and shared services—that together deliver immediate and long-term value for our customers.

Our specialized services help transform your business through timely, actionable insight for optimizing your internal processes as well as your customer and supplier relationships. This includes putting in place a repeatable process and scalable platform for innovation that leverages current assets and helps identify new data relationships that can be used for competitive advantage. We also help your organization overcome budget constraints and free up additional resources by improving efficiency and cost-effectiveness through shared services.

In Practice

Facts and Predictions

Internet of Things

The number of IoT connected devices will rise by 2020

Transform to Cloud

Executives influenced by other departments to make the decision to implement the cloud


Consumers want real-time promotions and offers

Big Data Is Changing Disruptive Innovation

Digital Enterprise - Data Science

Technologies & Solutions

Big Data is about much more than data. It represents a new way of doing business – one that is driven by data-based decision-making. Leveraging Big Data capabilities, large volumes of varied sources of data – both internal and from third-parties – can deliver “intelligence at the moment” - insight and intelligence derived from fast moving data sets can help inform split second strategy decisions, spur innovation, inspire new products, enhance customer relationships, uncover fraud, bolster operations and build competitive advantage.

It was not easy to select a few out of many Open Source projects. Our main objective is to architect and implement a solution that fit your true organizational need.
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