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Digital Experience

te·lem·e·try  ˌ/təˈlemətrē/ noun

  1. The transmission of measurements and information at a distance.

When Sputnik 1 transmitted temperature and density readings to Earth via radio 1957, this basic form of telemetry showed the world that spacecraft could supply valuable information from space. Today, we are navigating in the new space. This customer space supplies us an astronomical amount of data and how we transform this data is our mission. New experiences. New frontiers. New world. As many companies embark on this digital race, you may ask this question, how can we become digital and with this endeavor, transform our customer experience?

You may not be a pioneer to this extraordinary decade of technology development, but you can capture the imagination of your customers through continuous experience implementation. You can keep pace and even soar without knowing the future. How? You can prepare to compete against a company yet to be dreamed up. How? You can balance today’s demands with tomorrow’s ideals. How?

At Digital Enterprise, we believe the answer to these questions starts with a different kind of transformation. A transformation guided by concrete research, and importantly – the plans to acquire the intelligence, resourcefulness, and ability to adapt to new situations. Long gone are the days of simply implementing technology to improve the customer experience. You must find your hidden figures and run your business like a digital leader.

The silos in your business undertaking various digital projects must evolve and touch across all areas of your organization. The new normal creates a culture that continuously iterates and improves the customer experience. Success in this ambitious plan requires a strong business will to stay though the challenges. In the end, you will transcend into a space the customer desires to be above your competition. Your company with our partnership has the human ingenuity and tenacity to overcome the obstacles.

Digital Enterprise draws on new methods of studying all aspects of your customer’s world. Using time-honored techniques too, we use rational analysis to draw conclusions from the available data. This approach brings together purpose, experiences, capabilities and people, to provide an iterative and ongoing approach to transformation.


The Future We Can See

The crew of a ship in the middle of an open ocean needs to know in what direction the ship is going and exactly where it is. A compass can indicate direction. Accurate positioning requires latitude and longitude and even a simple chronometer can provide this information. In the end, standard navigational instruments are not enough to guide a ship through all the possible challenges of the vast ocean. Leadership, a good Captain and his crew bring the ship safely to their destination.

Navigating at sea in this new customer experience led world, requires not just knowledge but wisdom. With Digital Enterprise, your company can turn your business toward a customer-led destination. You can adopt new thinking to align your products, services, technology, and culture. You can meet your customer at their destination.

The approach to the digital experience looks at leadership, learning, operations, and delivery to navigate the complete customer experience in your company. This approach drills-down each area in the following ways:

  • The Bridge Office – The place on a ship reserved for the captain and his officers to guide the ship and her crew. This bridge office serves as the transformation office for executives and stakeholders throughout the process. From here, the program strategy is set and drives the delivery execution.
  • New Perspective Learning Lab – This lab builds and manages the communication of new ideas, perspectives, and solutions moving toward delivering your company’s goals.
  • Operations Station – The operations station defines the operating model. Here is where working prototypes come to life. From the new perspective-learning lab, the operations station experiments take those ideas to the tangible level.
  • Delivery Launch Hub – This group drives the delivery initiatives to a business operations reality. With the guidance of digital leadership, people, process and policy are now adopted.

In Practice

DE Case Study

Airline Digital Experience

Digital Transportation Framework Operating Reference Model (DTxFORM)

The Engagement

The client a major airline was launching a multi-platform application built around major sporting sponsorship. The app included branding opportunities for multiple partners as well as for several key offerings and service lines. There were no clear understanding and strong sense of how to measure the success of the initiative, optimize campaigns (paid) to the experience, or establish value to alliance partners.

The client wanted to understand how to measure the application's success by tracking audience, interactions, and follow though actions which translates into a segmentation strategy, service offering design modifications, and improvements to social media campaign effectiveness.


The Opportunity

The client wanted to strengthen their brand awareness while expanding its reach by offering more diverse travel related services. Digital Enterprise SMEs determined that there is a need for creation of precise measurement program, collection, analytics and reporting of the results to have a clear picture of individual-level experiences across the main client portal, within the application and other client’s social media platforms.


The Solution

In order to address the client’s need and engagement opportunity Digital Enterprise experts assist the client with creating an in-depth measurement program, created segmentation on the basis of application depth and style, measured brand exposure on the basis of application utilization, optimized campaigns not on the basis of how many people are utilizing the application but on the level and frequency of their engagement, and created a partner reporting system that emphasized quality of brand exposures by segment.

The result of the above effort was truly significant as the following were achieved:

  • Significant double-digit improvement in campaign effectiveness in round two and three buys compared with initial targeting
  • Drove usability improvements in start-up and on-boarding that generated double-digit improvements in application usability and engagement rates
  • Delivered a highly successful global alliance partner reporting program throughout a six-month engagement, including detailed data updates and analysis



Transform your customer experience

You have the opportunity to participate and leave your mark on the new age of digital adventure.

Digital Enterprise

The Digital Enterprise Approach

The dream of a customer led business through a digital transformation is alive and well. Working with our company, Digital Enterprise we will extend your reach beyond your current expectations. You have the opportunity to participate and leave your mark on the new age of digital adventure.

Let’s start today and work together to:

  • Become digital and champion digital experience
  • Lead experience transformation
  • Create new sources of value by prioritizing customer experience investments
  • Capitalize on innovation across your business
  • Create a culture that continuously iterates and improves experiences
  • Move with operational agility

Think possible today. You can!

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