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Digital Innovation

in·no·va·tion  ˌ/inəˈvāSH(ə)n/  noun

  1. The action or process of innovating.

The Origin of Innovation. Every great company starts with a great idea. The origin of this idea is first born. In the early years, the company founders nurture this innovation alone. As the experiment grows-up, the need to explore more captures the imagination.

We are a believer. We support and join one another. This courage to go on the innovation journey together is the real difference. Creativity is invented by hand and mind, together.


The Future We Can See
The question on the minds of our clients – why is innovation so important now? Company values continue to move away from isolated innovation strategies. Instead of looking inside, the importance of new ideas is lifted up to a strategic issue. Competition intensifies the need for a new perspective to partner with your ideas.

Let’s work together to out-learn the complexity. Our goals for you are to:

  • Visualize your composed future within digital disruptions
  • Etch innovation across products & services, business processes, models and experience
  • Drive forward ideas from all lines of business
  • Create business partnerships through new innovation
  • Join the community of open innovation

In Practice

DE Case Study

Telecommunication Digital Innovation

Digital Telecom Framework Operating Reference Model (DTFORM)

The Engagement

A major telecommunication company in North America which is recognized as one of the most innovative in the global market wanted to envision a new concept of Digital organization, drawing the most effective path for bringing the vision to life primarily in North America and across globe.


The Opportunity

The company wanted to strengthen engagements, sense of belonging and collaborative culture. It required enablement of innovative and digital driven cross-function problem solving and ideation tools and platform while optimizing the alignment and communication between the Global Headquarters and various divisions. More fluid knowledge capturing, sharing and reuse to reduce the time spent in creating innovation time sensitive services/products or resolving critical outage or business impacting issues.

The client need was to create an innovative platform and a series of systematic cross organizational cultural change initiatives which assist with creation of an agile, participative and collaborative enterprise where all employees, at any organizational level and in any office, could contribute to the success of the business.


The Solution

Digital Enterprise guide and work closely with the company to evolve toward more innovation driven, customer centric, integrated and scalable initiatives across the enterprise.

Assess the organization's ambition, readiness and goals for digital initiatives and social collaboration by engaging key stakeholders (+45 interviews with c-level profiles) and a detailed survey of 450+ employees, 50 strategic partners and select group of individuals representing customer demography.

Also, Digital Enterprise experts derived the design of the 5 year digital innovation strategy and select a portfolio of high potential pilots to test the new go-to-market engagements and show measureable returns.



Innovate at the speed of Digital

Competition intensifies the need for a new perspective to partner with your ideas.

Digital Enterprise

The Digital Enterprise Approach

Let’s search together and help find what does innovation means to your company? This definition ignites the strategies accelerating growth. Your culture cares for this new future.

The ideas created by talented people need nurturing and support. New efficient processes and thoughtful governance do just that. Our guidance helps prevent disruptive innovation leading to shooting starts to a more impactful innovation. Thoughtful guidance and risk evaluation helps keep creative mishaps from negatively impacting the culture, but also the bottom line.

Let’s start today and work together to:

  • Add sensible prototyping to the projects
  • Just in time scaling of experiments without unreasonable costs
  • End disruptive outsourcing by using good metrics to know when to stay and when to go.
  • Know when to scale disruptive offerings from the entrepreneurial sphere to traditional management.

Begin together, we take the initial step. Embark. Let’s start.

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