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Digital Operation

ec·o·sys·tem  ˌ/ˈēkōˌsistəm/ noun

  1. System, or a group of interconnected elements, formed by the interaction of a community of organisms with their environment.

Let’s think beyond traditional operations to digital operations within ecosystems. Learn how we can help your company align, enhance, and automate operations to deliver on the promise of digital.

Are you ready, willing, and able? Overhauling your operations begins with a purpose. By applying digital to your core business operations, you can achieve business outcomes never imaged before.
Apply the new idea of the digital operations to your supply chain, finance, and human resources…just to start. You will then allow people to spend their talents on value added activities.

Beyond being capable or willing, you need to have the tools to infuse digital throughout your current operations. And digital operations allow leaders to avoid digital disruption and provide optimization in everything from process to customer engagement.

You can define your company’s role in this ecosystem. - Interoperable products, visionary customers, emerging technology, continual innovation, just to name a few are very interdependent on the vibrant digital drivers in today’s digital business ecosystems.


The Future We Can See

Digital Enterprise works with your talented people from design to delivery transforming operations with the ecosystem approach bringing your operations forward.  Across your company, we build dynamic market place integration with customers and suppliers reaching out to find areas of efficiency. Maintaining quality, increasing productivity, and supporting emerging technology promote digital growth. Connecting areas using technology never imagined connected in real-time brings you an advantage.

Your digital operations work within the digital ecosystem. Here are just a few areas to consider:

  • Systems
  • Platforms
  • Content
  • Data & Analytics
  • Equipment and Devices
  • IIoT
  • People

We harness emerging technologies, such as robotic process automation and artificial intelligence to fundamentally transform key operations. In the areas of human resources, we find digital solutions to support the development of an agile, capable, and globally connected workforce.
Once digital is infused across your operations, you begin to place the best digital technology to solve the right problem. And performance, efficient, value will emerge in this new type of system operation.

The Operations Environment Today

Before we can look to the future, we need to start and look at the health of our current environment. The complex operations structures today often seem like giant mountains set in place for millions of years. Unmovable. Changed only by a huge disaster. Not possible. Yet, your struggle is only in the eye of the beholder. Turn the perspective around. With Digital Enterprise’s help, we can help you drive top line growth and increase operating margins. Can you really move mountains?

Old World View verses New Digital View

Growth is challenging. There are limited growth in mature markets and challenging opportunities in emerging markets. With digital, growth goes from challenging to possible.
Consumer behavior is changing. Digital is shifting control to the consumer with increasingly complex routes to market. Understanding this shift with digital tools makes the behavior less complex and more manageable.

Costs are hard to control. Growing external cost pressures and challenges to internal cost structures. Analytics and other digital tools through digital can improve cost structures in every part of your organization.

Is it time to take the fundamental step and start to change in your delivering performance Drive a competitive advantage in operations. Let’s move a mountain.


In Practice

DE Case Study

Manufacturing Digital Operation

Digital Operation Framework Operating Reference Model (DOFORM)

The Engagement

In the context of post-merger integration, a multinational manufacturing company is facing new challenges related to the optimization and efficiency of its operations. The client has requested that Digital Enterprise creation and support the implementation of the complex strategic and digital transformation program of Operations.

The Opportunity

After series of discovery workshops, Digital Enterprise experts have identified the following as the immediate areas of the opportunity need to be addressed:

  • Integration of the two operational models of the merged organization
  • Introduction of a methodology for re-engineering Provisioning and Assurance processes
  • Definition of the best sourcing strategy
  • Introduction of Robotic Process Automation for process automation
  • Definition of the best model for Digital Workforce planning
  • Adoption of Analytics for the optimization of operating performances
  • Effective change management through the implementation of a staff re-skilling plan


The Solution

Digital Enterprise served as the client-side partner in building and executing a unified operational strategy that was in line with the client's corporate goals. The value the client realized from the project included the following:

  • Complete bench-marking of the operation
  • Establishing a operation modernization benefits measurement framework that aligned with industry leading methodologies.
  • Defining the best sourcing strategy
  • Fully automated the manufacturing workflows though a custom design state of art RPA system
  • Defining the unified Enterprise Operational Model
  • Delivered a highly successful reporting portal, including detailed operational, workforce, predictive data updates and analysis
  • Charting a five-year Digital Transformation road map to implement the future digital state



Digital Ecosystem

Digital Enterprise works with your talented people from design to delivery transforming operations with the ecosystem approach bringing your operations forward. 

Digital Enterprise

The Digital Enterprise Approach

Ecosystems support the life cycle in our oceans and continents. A healthy ecosystem never ignores even the smallest contributor. We all benefit when the ecosystem thrives. Your operations will benefit from this shift in thinking. Let us show you how we can build end-to-end digital operations through integrated digital solutions with managed services and robotics at the core.
Our experts help you understand how digital operations will evolve your:

  • Agile Organizational Design
  • Autonomous Value Chain
  • Digital Data
  • Digital Finance
  • Advance Data Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Distributed Ledger & Block Chain
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Digital Human Capitals Strategies
  • Marketplace Integration
  • Physical-Digital Operations Excellence
  • Process Optimization
  • Supply Chain


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