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Digital Strategy

strat·e·gy /ˈstradəjē/  noun

  1. A plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim.

Time, money, and talent - well spent to build your business strategy. The place we are today is transforming your existing strategy to a digital business one. This digital transformation means different things to different companies. We look at those differences and help you shape their value for you. At the core, Digital Enterprise works with our clients to rethink their business and operating models for the digital age.

The major goal of digital transformation is to capture, organize, and share what matters most to result in the best customer experience. As lofty as this goal may seem, the starting point is already well established. Your culture is where the value begins. Our job is to help you better define the common sense why are we doing this? And build a culture defined by purpose and trust.

  • We make sure our clients are business led - leveraging technology to inform all aspects of strategy looking toward value.
  • We help you evaluate risk and continuously review your strategy.
  • We take a holistic view across your organization from all perspectives.

The Future We Can See
Let’s work together and overcome your complex goals. Our clients look to Digital Enterprise to answer these real world issues with actual solutions.

  • Keep the pace with evolving customer and employee expectations
  • Understand the next business opportunities and threats.
  • Balance what works now with what really needs to change yesterday.
  • Build confidence in making the right digital decisions.

In Practice

DE Case Study

Large Bank Digital Strategy & Transformation

Digital Finance Framework Operating Reference Model (DFFORM)

The Engagement

As part of a digital transformation journey, a multinational bank wanted to kick start and assess the results for a collaborative digital initiative, evaluate benefits and to define the overall digital collaboration strategy for an enterprise-wide roll-out.

Devising a precise digital Strategy and subsequent successful execution, would lead to creation and expansion of the proposed solution to the entire bank population and engaging various lines of business across the organization.

The Opportunity

One of the prominent Asian Financial Institute with +75K employees decided to become a digital bank to better serve its customers and the implementation of the digital collaboration strategy across the organization will lead to savings for more than $83 million in 5 years by reducing communications overhead, travel costs, email sent, meetings and by improving efficiency and operational coordination.

The Solution

Co-Designing of their digital transformation strategy of the institution by engaging key stakeholders and champions across the organization.

Devising a 5 year-long transformation roadmap that encompassed business, process, technology and people. Help outline critical success factors, industry bench marking, areas of improvement, operational Key Performance Indicators, new competencies and organizational structures.

Explicitly correlate collaboration to strategic goals and most relevant use cases and identifying tangible and intangible benefits associated with digital collaboration and unified communication.


DE Case Study

Major Retail Strategy & Digital Transformation

Digital Retail Framework Operating Reference Model (DRFORM)

The Engagement

A major retail organization in the US wanted to define strategy, create initiatives, prioritize, budget and plan continuous releases of business, operations and digital projects, while establishing a digital centric governance and guidelines in order to monitor and measure success.


The Opportunity

The company seek Digital Enterprise expertise to develop a common definition of digital, enterprise digital portfolio and initiatives.

Digital Enterprise was tasked by the retailer to identify methods to sell, produce, connect, store, and use of customer and enterprise data. They also wanted to identify Digital products that can be sold to customers, partners and professional clients to generate new sources of revenue and enhance the long-term loyalties. Digital Enterprise's expertise was also needed in identifying new market or value created which displaces established market leaders and alliances.

The Solution

Digital Enterprise assist the retailer to formulate a digital strategy and develop a common definition of digital, and 3 years Digital Transformation Roadmap. Our firm also played a key role in planning the Marketing & Digital Strategic Journey and Global Digital & Innovation Ecosystem.

Digital Enterprise helped with the Employee Digital Experience Strategy & Execution, Digital Collaboration Business Case and Digital Collaboration Planning.

Through newly designed robotics and RPA, Digital Enterprise automated and streamlined vendor’s proposal process, including approvals and collaboration with merchants, vendors and distributors and also created real-time dashboard and reporting to track key proposal metrics for the company.


Dynamic Digital Strategy

Join the digital transformation journey and exceed your customer’s experience expectations

Digital Enterprise

The Digital Enterprise Approach

Pilots learn early in their training about a final approach. Also called the final leg and final approach leg, it is the last leg in an aircraft's approach to landing, when the aircraft is lined up with the runway and descending for landing. In aviation radio terminology, it is often shortened to final.
What makes Digital Enterprise different from all the other pilots in our field? We stay with you through the journey all the way to the final and successful landing.

We start with a partnership and begin to build a purposeful culture. This value driven idea spills over to the customer experience. And finally, the long-term sustainable growth you worked hard to achieve.
We use technology for inspiration. At the same time, we look to maintain the important business-led strategies. We help you do this by finding the patterns in data to understand where value is being created, how to acquire the most profitable customers, and where best to use capital resources.

We can help you become less risk adverse.

Let’s start today and work together to:

  • Create your new digital strategy
  • Refresh your operating model
  • Model your core business objectives
  • Dream up a new story
  • Inspire innovation and creativity
  • Map your world experience
  • Design customer and employee experiences envious to everyone.

Will you join us? Welcome Aboard.

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